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Bitcoin is a currency that allows parties to exchange their value. Cryptocurrency like BTC allows people to exchange value without the involvement of intermediaries. This has translated it into a greater control for your funds. There are many reasons why one should use bitcoin; it is faster, secure and immutable. In addition, it extends beyond peer to peer payments.
BTC is volatile when one compares it with the local currency. This is the reason why some people use it to store value while others use it to consume hundreds of vendors across the globe. The price of the Bitcoin can increase or reduce over a shorter period of time. This is because of its novel nature, liquid markets and young economy. In addition it can be considered as a high risk asset. People are advised not to keep huge amounts of their huge saving. If one receives money through the Bitcoin download, he/she is advised to convert the money into the local currency
The payments that are made to Bitcoin are irreversible but they can only be refunded by the person who has received the transaction. This is the reason why one needs to be careful when doing business with people whom you do not trust. Bitcoin software cannot detect any typos when sending to a new address. You need to download a Bitcoin storage software to use autocorrect. In addition; it does not allow someone to send money to an invalid address.

How to your Secure your Bitcoin Wallet Download

Hopefully the BTC Download was worth it.
Hopefully the BTC Download was worth it.

It is the easiest way of exchanging money in a different way when compared with the local banks. It should be treated well as your cash wallet. You need to secure it by all means. It has security features that can allow one to control his/her money. If used in the correct way, it provides the highest levels of security. It is ones’ responsibility to adapt to good practices that can facilitate the protection of the money.

The Bitcoin wallet owner needs to be more careful with the online services. He/she needs to be wary of any services that are designed ion the online money storage. In many occasions, online wallets suffer from security breaches. They do not produce insurance that can be used to store money like in a bank. Since a BTC storage device is like your cash wallet, it is a good practice to keep small amounts of bitcoins on your mobile phone or on the computer for everyday use.

The owner of the Bitcoin wallet that’s downloaded needs to keep it in a safe place. Alternatively, services here offer a secure online storage for your investments. Backing it up can protect you against computer failures and from human error. Some of the wallets use hidden private keys internally. You might not be able to recover the great part of your funds with the backup if you have only the backup of the private keys.

Encrypt your BTC. This will allow you to set a password for anyone who tries to withdraw the funds. This is so helpful to protect your coins from the thieves. Never forget your password. Forgetting it may lender your money permanently lost. In addition, you need to use a strong password with 16 characters, with letters and punctuation marks. Passwords that contain letters only is recognized to be weak and easy to break.
Without a wallet, one cannot receive or send the Bitcoin payments across the blockchain network. Before transacting, one needs to buy, create, or download. There are several types of Bitcoin wallets. They include:

Online Version

These are programs that can be accessed from the web or from any device that is connected by the internet

Bitcoin software wallets like Electrum

These are Bitcoin wallet applications which are downloaded on phone, on the computer or from a tablet.

Paper Bitcoin cold storage device

This are private keys that are printed from an offline computer

Bitcoin hardware wallets

These are physical devices that maximize security for you.

The supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million bitcoins and does not change. Bitcoin are impossible to inflate. You can send or receive money at low costs to wherever place in the world. In addition, it is neither impossible to block the wallet nor froze it. This contains unparalleled freedom. Certainly, it requires increased user responsibility. Moreover, it is not anonymous. All the transactions are conducted on the blockchain that is stored permanently and publicly on the network. Anyone can see the balance but cannot access it since its address is unknown.

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